Cloud-Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) JN0-212 Practice Exam Questions

Cloud-Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) JN0-212 Practice Exam Questions

Cloud-Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) JN0-212 exam is designed for networking professionals with introductory-level knowledge of Juniper Networks cloud-based networking architectures, theory, and best practices.  JN0-212 practice exam covers real exam questions and answers to help you prepare for the JN0-212 exam well. With real JN0-212 practice exam questions, you can learn about the exam topics and pattern fast to better adapt to the exam environment.These JN0-212 sample questions and demo exam can help you clear your doubts and prepare for the exam.

You should try JN0-212 practice test questions to assess yourself.

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1. Which statement is true about Junos Space security director?

2. Which statement is correct about SDN?

3. AppFormix has been deployed in your data center using the Juniper Telemetry Interface (JTI) native sensors. However, the underlay devices have not yet been set up to work with the JTI native sensors.

Which action is required for the JTI native sensors to work properly?

4. Which organization is responsible for defining cloud computing?

5. Which two pricing models are available from AWS Marketplace for vSRX consumption? (Choose two.)

6. Which node in a Contrail cluster is used to collect data from the routers?

7. What is a primary difference between NFV and VNF?

8. Which two protocols would be used by the NorthStar controller to provision tunnels on an edge router? (choose two)

9. You want to prevent a single point of failure in your underlay network.

Which two protocols would be used to accomplish this task? (choose two)

10. Which protocol used to communicate LSP and status information between NorthStar controller and label edge routers?


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