Access To Free VMware Cloud Provider Specialist 5V0-32.21 Dumps

Access To Free VMware Cloud Provider Specialist 5V0-32.21 Dumps

Now is the time to study for the 5V0-32.21 VMware Cloud Provider Specialist exam. We have updated our 5V0-32.21 Dumps which include the latest questions and answers that will ensure you prepare the VMware Specialist – Cloud Provider 2022 5V0-32.21 exam easily. All of the new 5V0-32.21 Dumps can assist you in determining your proficiency. You can easily learn everything to ensure that you pass the VMware Cloud Provider Specialist 5V0-32.21 test. The most recent 5V0-32.21 Dumps are based on the exam objectives and are intended to assist you in passing the VMware 5V0-32.21 exam.

Now you may take this free 5V0-32.21 practice test!

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1. Which statement describes the function of a VMware Cloud Director Availability replication policy?

2. Which type of storage for transfer service does the VMware Cloud Director Appliance Support?

3. What is the function of vCloud Usage Meter Billing Categories?

4. What is the pre-requisite for resetting a vApp?

5. A cloud provider wants to adopt VMware Cloud Foundation for management and resource clusters and is planning on having separate management and user workload domains.

Which architecture achieves this goal?

6. What is required prior to configuring and enabling a SAML Identity Provider?

7. The runtime lease of a virtual machine is about to expire. The administrator would like to extend the lease time.

Which action should be taken to complete this task?

8. A system administrator is cleaning up old custom roles to align with management via rights bundles and sees a role that is not a default role in VMware Cloud Director.

Which role should be deleted by the system administrator?

9. Which plugin, in addition to the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plugin for Cloud Director, can be used to enable the system administrator to automate tasks in VMware Cloud Director through vRealize Orchestrator?

10. Where can the organization administrator view collected network information on vRealize Operations Tenant App for VMware Cloud Director?


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