Try Free 2V0-51.21 Q&As To Pass Professional VMware Horizon 8.X Exam

Try Free 2V0-51.21 Q&As To Pass Professional VMware Horizon 8.X Exam

You’ve come to the right site if you’re studying for the VMware 2V0-51.21 exam and want to get ahead. Professional VMware Horizon 8.X exam (2V0-51.21) exam is associated with VCP-DTM 2021 certification. This 2V0-51.21 practice Q&A is designed to provide you with information on the Professional VMware Horizon 8.X test. These sample questions will help you get familiar with the kind of questions that will appear on the 2V0-51.21 test. Here we prepare some of the real 2V0-51.21 exam questions. Try them and check if you are ready for your exam. 

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1. An administrator recently deployed a Horizon pod with external access using Unified Access Gateway (UAG). While trying to launch VDI form an External network, VDI launched with a black screen and then disconnects. The administrator has validated the port requirement and all other required ports are open. Users are able to connect internally using the connection server URL. While reviewing the UAG logs, the administrator found that the Blast connection is hitting the Connection Server instead of VDI IP.

What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

2. An administrator wants to ensure users can access an application that uses .NET 3.0 for desktops available on Horizon On-premises and on Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.

Which two options would achieve this requirement? (Choose two.)

3. What are two Cloud Pod Architecture feature limitations? (Choose two.)

4. Which two built-in apps are supported and automatically added to the profile of a multi-app kiosk profile? (Choose two.)

5. Refer to the exhibit.

When editing an existing instant-clone pool, an administrator cannot find the option to configure the vRAM size in the wizard.

Referencing the exhibit, which could be the cause of the issue?

6. Which can be used to make sure only certain Connection Servers are used for a Global Entitlement?

7. Where are exclusions specified for Writable Volumes to prevent App Volumes from persisting specific data between sessions?


The virtualization of physical resources after installation of a hypervisor follows a specific procedure.

Drag and drop the procedural steps on the left into the correct sequential order on the right.


Integration of VMware Horizon resources with Workspace ONE consists of several high-level steps.

Drag and drop the integration steps on the left into the correct sequential order on the right.

10. An administrator configured a virtual machine to use an NVIDIA card but the virtual machine is not starting up.

What could be the cause of the issue? (Choose two.)


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