Try Latest 1V0-21.20PSE Dumps For Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization Exam

Try Latest 1V0-21.20PSE Dumps For Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization Exam

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1. Which hardware is required to support Fibre Channel storage?

2. Which vSphere feature protects against host hardware failures by restarting virtual machines (VMs) on hosts that are running in the cluster?

3. Which hypetvisor is a type-1 hypervisor?

4. An administrator is asked to copy a single hard disk from one datastore to another .

Which virtual machine Hie type should the administrator select?

5. Which action must an administrator perform in the vSphere Client to create a copy of a running virtual machine?

6. Which vSphere component centralizes automated patch and version management for clusters. ESXi. drivers and firmware. Virtual Hardware, and VMware Tools?

7. An administrator needs to upgrade the guest operating system installed in a virtual machine. The administrator wants to safely ensure that the selected operating system is supported by ESXi .

Which action should the administrator take to meet this goal?

8. Which two physical resources are abstracted by the hypervisor and presented to virtual machines? (Choose two.)

9. An administrator is migrating 100 virtual machines from one ESXi Host to another. The current lGigE network cards are only migrating four virtual machines simultaneously.

Which action should the administrator take to increase that number to eight?

10. Refer to the exhibit:

A vSphere operator can only configure up to two virtual CPUs when deploying a new virtual machine (VM).

What is the cause erf this situation?


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