Download Cisco Certified Design Expert 400-007 Dumps

Download Cisco Certified Design Expert 400-007 Dumps

To pass your Cisco Certified Design Expert 400-007 test, the best method is to challenge and improve your knowledge. We recommend that you prepare with FreeTestShare 400-007 Dumps to test your knowledge and identify areas for development using genuine exam format. FreeTestShare 400-007 Dumps offer 100% real exam questions and answers that you’ll encounter on the real exam.  Our professionals have created a series of practice exams for candidates who want to ensure that they receive the maximum possible score on the actual exam.

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1. Which architecture does not require an explicit multicast signaling protocol, such as PIM or P2MP, to signal the multicast state hop-by-hop, but instead uses a link state protocol to advertise the multicast forwarding state?

2. You have been asked to design a remote access VPN solution to support up to 2000 devices. You must ensure that only corporate assets are allowed to connect to the VPN, and users must authenticate to gain access of their based on their user role. Users must use a password that they are already using to access existing applications . A user may not always use the same device to access the VPN.

Which two options combined meet the requirements? (Choose two)

3. Which two characteristics apply to firewall transparent mode operations in a firewall solution design? (Choose two.)


Drag and drop the optical technology design characteristics on the left to the correct optical technologies on the right. Not all options are used

Graphical user interface

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5. You want to mitigate failures that are caused by STP loops that occur before UDLD detects the failure or that are caused by a device that is no longer sending BPDUs.

Which mechanism do you use along with UDLD?

6. What best describes the difference between Automation and Orchestration?

7. Refer to the exhibit


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You are designing this network to support voice communication between software and hardware endpoints To ensure quality, the decision is to implement a DiffServ QoS model with priority queuing Which admission criteria option do you recommend?

8. Which three network management requirements are common practices in network design? (Choose three)

9. A network engineer confirms that STP is enabled on all switches in the network. An edge switch is not sending or receiving configuration BPDUs, although it appears that everything is functioning correctly in the network.

Which design explanation is true?

10. You are designing a network running both IPv4 and IPv6 to deploy QoS Which consideration is correct about the QoS for IPv4 and IPv6?


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