Download Free IBM C1000-117 Actual Questions and Answers Online

Download Free IBM C1000-117 Actual Questions and Answers Online

If you are going to prepare for your C1000-117 IBM Spectrum Storage Solution Advisor V7 exam, you are in the right place. In the real C1000-117 exam, there are 63 questions to take and you should answers 38 questions correctly to pass this exam, the duration is 90 minutes. This free quiz consists of C1000-117 practice questions to help you know more about C1000-117 exam patterns and topics!  Download 100 percent precise updated and latest C1000-117 questions and answers in the first attempt with high marks.

Take this free C1000-117 practice exam right now to see how well you know yourself.

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1. How can IBM Spectrum Archive lower the total cost of retaining infrequently accessed data over a long period of time?

2. What is the collective name of a series of publications that provides positioning and value guidance, installation and implementation experiences, typical solution scenarios, and step-by-step how-to guidelines?

3. What is a data collection task of IBM Spectrum Control?

4. A customer has a need to store their point-in-time copies of data in the public cloud and wants to use the Transparent Cloud Tiering feature of IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

Which advanced feature must be utilized in order to use Transparent Cloud Tiering in IBM Spectrum Virtualize?

5. In IBM Insights Pro, what is the maximum retention period performance data?

6. Which type of storage prevents an attacker from deleting or changing data?

7. How is IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management deployed?

8. Which product can be combined with IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation to allow integration and licensing of IBM storage software?

9. What is true of IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks?

10. Which IBM solution allows a customer using Ansible in AWS cloud to use the same block CSI driver that they use for their IBM Flash Systems on premise?


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