IBM C1000-118 Actual Test Questions To Pass IBM Cloud Professional Architect v5 Exam

IBM C1000-118 Actual Test Questions To Pass IBM Cloud Professional Architect v5 Exam

Passing C1000-118 IBM Cloud Professional Architect v5 exam will help you earn IBM Certified Professional Architect – Cloud v5 Certification. The best tips to pass C1000-118 exam is to use C1000-118 actual test questions. C1000-118 exam dumps allow you to practice the types of questions that may occur on the exam and to think about the answers ahead of time. C1000-118 dumps are exactly the right study tools that contain genuine exam questions and answers to help you pass the C1000-118 exam on the first try!

You can use the following C1000-118 practice questions to determine your level of preparation. Now is the time to give it a shot!

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1. Which of the following IBM Cloud Paks provides Al capabilities?

2. Which IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared component has the capability to backup VMs from any Virtual Data Center in the organization?

3. Which of the following features of IBM Virtual Private Cloud specifically controls inbound and outbound traffic for one or more subnets?

4. Which of the following two databases are integrated with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services?

5. IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA service monitors which set of events?

6. When designing infrastructure for critical business applications, transactional databases, or virtual machines that require low-latency, why might you use Block storage instead of File storage?

7. A customer, who is implementing VMware vCenter Server in IBM Cloud, is keen that it is protected with replication and disaster recovery capabilities.

What single product meets the requirement?

8. A customer has requested an architecture design for a system capable of running deep learning and Al.

Which of the following services in IBM Cloud could the design include that specifically addresses this requirement?

9. There is a request to architect a hybrid VMware solution in IBM Cloud to address failures in the on-premise data centers.

What additional VMware component would allow for seamless network access for workloads from the VMware Cluster on-premise to the VMware Cluster in IBM Cloud to facilitate resiliency into existing solutions?

10. A large International firm with a very high traffic network would like to build a new highly resilient Openshift application on IBM Cloud. The new application should support 24x7 operation and may encounter bad actors attempting to disrupt their business.

Which IBM Cloud Service should be employed in front of this solution?


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