Real IBM C1000-065 Sample Questions and Answers

Real IBM C1000-065 Sample Questions and Answers

Searching for real IBM C1000-065 exam questions? After completing your C1000-065 exam, you will earn the IBM Certified Developer – IBM Cognos Analytics Developer V11.1.x Certification.The best tips to pass C1000-065 exam is to use C1000-065 exam questions. FreeTestShare C1000-065 sample questions allow you to practice the types of questions that may occur on the exam and to think about the answers ahead of time. C1000-065 dumps are exactly the right study tools that contain genuine exam questions and answers to help you pass the IBM C1000-065 exam on the first try!

You can use the following C1000-065 sample questions to determine your level of preparation. Now is the time to give it a shot!

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1. Which of the following is a reason to use a Conditional block on a report?

2. In a Data Module a developer creates a joined view from two tables (a and b) and then joins this to another table (c) .

What would be the execution logic in the database?

3. Which technique is most likely to improve query performance?

4. In which two ways can a specific visualization in a dashboard be filtered?

5. What is the significance of 'Clothes' in the following filter expression of a report query?

[Product Group] = # sq( prompt( 'productgroups', 'token', 'Clothes' ) )#

6. Which two statements are true when creating navigation paths?

7. How can a data module developer ensure that when a user drags an attribute onto a dashboard that the Map visualization is the default?

8. Which is true about creating a context filter for a crosstab report using a dimensional data source?

9. What is a Compare card in a Cognos Analytics Exploration?

10. After upgrading from Cognos version 10 what needs to be selected in order to create a data module on a data server?


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    all questions are fake and not related with the Real Exam Questions.

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