Download Latest PCCSE Certification Dumps To Become A Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer

Download Latest PCCSE Certification Dumps To Become A Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer

Plan to take your PCCSE Certification exam? Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer (PCCSE) certification validates the knowledge, skills and abilities required to onboard, deploy and administer all aspects of Prisma Cloud. To aid all candidates, FreeTestShare provides 100 percent authentic PCCSE dumps that will not only help you pass the PCCSE exam, but will also save your a lot of time. Our PCCSE practice exam, which simulates the actual exam environment, has been created to make your preparation for the PCCSE certification exam easier.

Take a look at this free PCCSE practice exam to get a better understanding of the exam!

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1. A customer wants to harden its environment from misconfiguration

Prisma Cloud Compute Compliance enforcement for hosts covers which three options? (Choose three.)

2. The development team wants to block Cross Site Scripting attacks from pods its environment.

How should the team construct the CNAF policy to protect against this attack?

3. A customer finds that an open alert from the previous day has been resolved No auto-remediation was configured.

Which two reasons explain this change in alert status? (Choose two)

4. Review this admission control policy:

Which response to this policy will be achieved when the effect is set to "block"?

5. A customer is deploying Defenders to a Fargate environment It wants to understand the vulnerabilities in the images it is deploying .

How should the customer automate vulnerability scanning for images deployed to Fargate?

6. Which container image scan is constructed correctly?

7. A DevOps lead reviewed some system logs and notices some odd behavior that could be a data exfiltration attempt. The DevOps lead only has access to vulnerability data in Prisma Cloud Compute, so the DevOps lead passes this information to SecOps

Which pages in Prisma Cloud Compute can the SecOps lead use to investigate the runtime aspects of this attack?

8. A customer has a requirement to scan serverless functions for vulnerabilities .

Which three settings are required to configure serverless scanning? (Choose three)

9. Which statement accurately characterizes SSO Integration on Prisma Cloud?

10. The development team wants to fail CI jobs where a specific CVE is contained within the image .

How should the development team configure the pipeline or policy to produce this outcome?


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