Download Valid Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam Questions To Ensure Your Success

Download Valid Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam Questions To Ensure Your Success

Looking for free practice test for your Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam? Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional – Strata is a hot exam chosen by lots of candidates, our PSE Strata exam questions make your preparation process simply because they are designed to help you pass your exam on the first try. This free PSE Strata practice test can now be used to assess your preparation. Here you will find a complete PSE Strata dump to help you pass on the first try!

You can now use our free PSE Strata practice test to help you prepare for the exam.

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1. Which two components must be configured within User-ID on a new firewall that has been implemented? (Choose two.)

2. When the Cortex Data Lake is sized for Prisma Access mobile users, what is a valid log size range you would use per day. per user?

3. A client chooses to not block uncategorized websites.

Which two additions should be made to help provide some protection? (Choose two.)

4. What are two benefits of using Panorama for a customer who is deploying virtual firewalls to secure data center traffic? (Choose two.)

5. Which profile or policy should be applied to protect against port scans from the internet?

6. What are two advantages of the DNS Sinkholing feature? (Choose two.)

7. Which are the three mandatory components needed to run Cortex XDR? (Choose three.)

8. An Administrator needs a PDF summary report that contains information compiled from existing reports based on data for the Top five(5) in each category.

Which two timeframe options are available to send this report? (Choose two.)

9. Which three categories are identified as best practices in the Best Practice Assessment tool? (Choose three.)

10. Which four steps of the cyberattack lifecycle does the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform prevent? (Choose four.)


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