Try 2022 Free Palo Alto Networks PCNSE Certification Dumps

Try 2022 Free Palo Alto Networks PCNSE Certification Dumps

PCNSE certification validates your knowledge of the Security Operating Platform, ensuring you can make use of its full functionality to benefit your company and showcase your expertise. Our PCNSE certification dumps are up to date and feature actual test questions and answers, allowing you to pass your exam quickly. We ensure that if you use the most accurate PCNSE test dumps material from FreeTestShare, you will pass the exam on the first try!

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1. An administrator has configured PAN-OS SD-WAN and has received a request to find out the reason for a session failover for a session that has already ended

Where would you find this in Panorama or firewall logs?

2. A firewall is configured with SSL Forward Proxy decryption and has the following four enterprise certificate authorities (Cas)

i. Enterprise-Trusted-CA; which is verified as Forward Trust Certificate (The CA is also installed in the trusted store of the end-user browser and system)

ii. Enterpnse-Untrusted-CA, which is verified as Forward Untrust Certificate

iii. Enterprise-lntermediate-CA

iv. Enterprise-Root-CA which is verified only as Trusted Root CA

An end-user visits https //www example-website com/ with a server certificate Common Name (CN) www example-website com The firewall does the SSL Forward Proxy decryption for the website and the server certificate is not trusted by the firewall

The end-user's browser will show that the certificate for was issued by which of the following?

3. An administrator is defining protection settings on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW to guard against resource exhaustion.

When platform utilization is considered, which steps must the administrator take to configure and apply packet buffer protection?

4. An organization is building a Bootstrap Package to deploy Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls into their AWS tenant.

Which two statements are correct regarding the bootstrap package contents? (Choose two)

5. A firewall administrator requires an A/P HA pair to fail over more quickly due to critical business application uptime requirements.

What is the correct setting?

6. When you navigate to Network: > GlobalProtect > Portals > Method section, which three options are available? (Choose three)

7. An existing NGFW customer requires direct interne! access offload locally at each site and iPSec connectivity to all branches over public internet. One requirement is mat no new SD-WAN hardware be introduced to the environment.

What is the best solution for the customer?

8. An engineer is in the planning stages of deploying User-ID in a diverse directory services environment.

Which server OS platforms can be used for server monitoring with User-ID?

9. Which feature prevents the submission of corporate login information into website forms?

10. Which feature must you configure to prevent users form accidentally submitting their corporate credentials to a phishing website?


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