Updated Palo Alto Networks PCCET Certification Questions

Updated Palo Alto Networks PCCET Certification Questions

The latest Palo Alto Networks PCCET Certification Questions are newly updated, which are helpful for your PCCET exam preparation. PCCET is the first and only fundamental-level certification in the cybersecurity industry that tests knowledge of firewalls as well as cloud and automation.  PCCET will include next-level upgrades to encompass knowledge of the various cutting-edge advancements across all Palo Alto Networks technologies. If you are preparing or planning on PCCET exam, you can try these Palo Alto Networks PCCET Certification Questions to see if you are ready for the real exam.

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1. Which Palo Alto subscription service identifies unknown malware, zero-day exploits, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) through static and dynamic analysis in a scalable, virtual environment?

2. Which product from Palo Alto Networks enables organizations to prevent successful cyberattacks as well as simplify and strengthen security processes?

3. What are two key characteristics of a Type 1 hypervisor? (Choose two.)

4. Which network device breaks networks into separate broadcast domains?

5. Which characteristic of serverless computing enables developers to quickly deploy application code?

6. How does Prisma SaaS provide protection for Sanctioned SaaS applications?

7. The customer is responsible only for which type of security when using a SaaS application?

8. SecOps consists of interfaces, visibility, technology, and which other three elements? (Choose three.)

9. What does SOAR technology use to automate and coordinate workflows?

10. When signature-based antivirus software detects malware, what three things does it do to provide protection? (Choose three.)


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