Update Free Palo Alto Networks PSE-Strata Exam Dumps [2022]

Update Free Palo Alto Networks PSE-Strata Exam Dumps [2022]

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1. Which CLI command will allow you to view latency, jitter and packet loss on a virtual SD-WAN interface?





2. What action would address the sub-optimal traffic path shown in the figure?


RN - Remote Network

SC - Service Connection

MU GW - Mobile User Gateway

3. What are two presales selling advantages of using Expedition? (Choose two.)

4. There are different Master Keys on Panorama and managed firewalls.

What is the result if a Panorama Administrator pushes configuration to managed firewalls?

5. In an HA pair running Active/Passive mode, over which interface do the dataplanes communicate?

6. A customer requests that a known spyware threat signature be triggered based on a rate of

occurrence, for example, 10 hits in 5 seconds.

How is this goal accomplished?

7. What are two core values of the Palo Alto Network Security Operating Platform? (Choose two.}

8. Which two network events are highlighted through correlation objects as potential security risks? (Choose two.)

9. Prisma SaaS provides which two SaaS threat prevention capabilities? (Choose two)

10. Which task would be identified in Best Practice Assessment tool?


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