Download Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) Exam Questions

Download Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) Exam Questions

Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) Exam Questions are available for you to best prepare for your test. Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) is a certification reserved for developers who use Scrum as their framework to produce complex software. The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) certification validates your knowledge of how to deliver quality software using the Scrum framework while working in Scrum Teams including the application of modern Agile and DevOps practices. After studying Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) Exam Questions, you will pass your Scrum PSD exam successfully.

Try free PSD practice exam questions.

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1. Who is responsible for a sprint backlog item that contains several database tasks?

2. When are testers and QA experts ideally included in the project?

3. What does code coverage show?

4. What is a merge in a version control system?

5. What are the scrum values?

6. Choose two common cross-cutting concerns in application architecture

7. What is test first development?

8. Only technical writers can create documentation during a sprint

9. Which are two benefits of establishing naming conventions for code?

10. The purpose of a sprint is to produce a done increment of product


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