Try Latest Scrum SAFe-Practitioner Practice Exam Questions

Try Latest Scrum SAFe-Practitioner Practice Exam Questions

If you are planning to prepare for the SAFe-Practitioner certification, you can start with going through these free Scrum SAFe-Practitioner Practice Exam Questions created by FreeTestShare team.  These free SAFe-Practitioner Exam Questions and Answers provide you with an overview of the SAFe 5 Practitioner (SP) certification, and introduce you to the various objectives and concepts of the SAFe-Practitioner exam. By learning these Scrum SAFe-Practitioner Practice Exam Questions, you will be able to understand the exam objectives of the actual exam.

Check the free SAFe-Practitioner practice exam below.

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1. How many dimensions does the Team and Technical Agility competency have?

2. Which of the below are Core Competencies for Business Agility?

3. Exploration Enabler stories

4. The Business can change priorities during the Iteration

5. SAFe Lean-Agile principles support centralised decision-making.

6. The Team and Technical Agility competency describe the critical skills and ____________ principles and practices that high-performing Agile teams and Teams of Agile teams use to create high-quality solutions for their customers

7. Which artifact shows a series of areas representing the amount of work in the different Kanban states?

8. Which of the following areas is the main concern of the System Architect/Engineer?

9. What team level event has its focus mostly on the next Iteration, but it allows time to discuss future Iterations and even Features for the next Pl?

10. Which of the following are Kanban principles?


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