Professional Scrum with Kanban level I PSK-I Real Questions

Professional Scrum with Kanban level I PSK-I Real Questions

Are you looking for PSK-I exam questions for free?  FreeTestShare Professional Scrum with Kanban level I PSK-I Real Questions will be very helpful for your preparation. The Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK I) certification validates your knowledge of how Scrum Teams can use Scrum with Kanban to support value creation and delivery. By learning these PSK-I questions and answers, you will be able to understand the exam objectives of the actual exam. These sample questions help you to obtain a remarkable progress in your PSK-I exam preparation.

Now you may take this PSK-I practice test!

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1. Which flow metric is most helpful in indicating when multiple Product Backlog items can be completed? (choose the best answer)

2. True or False: When it comes to using Kanban for the Sprint Backlog, the Developers own the way they work as well as their Definition of "their" Workflow.

3. A team is using Kanban to improve the Sprint flow by visualizing and managing flow in the Sprint Backlog.

Which of the following would be most helpful to visualize?

4. Which is the LEAST accurate description of Cycle Time? (choose the best answer)

5. Work in Progress (WIP) is NOT considered a leading indicator for which of the following measures? (choose the best answer)

6. True or False: The Sprint length can be thought of as the team's batch size with Scrum Teams using Kanban.

7. Which of the following is true about Scrum Teams using Kanban? (choose the best answer)

8. True or False: The Sprint Retrospective is the only time in which the Work in Progress (WIP) Limit can change.

9. Which formula best represents Little's Law? (choose the best answer)

10. True or False: If Developers use tasks, then their WIP limits should primarily apply to tasks in the Sprint Backlog.




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