Download Update CCNP Security 300-720 SESA Dumps to Assess Yourself

Download Update CCNP Security 300-720 SESA Dumps to Assess Yourself

Searching for update 300-720 dumps? The Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance v1.0 (SESA 300-720) exam is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Security, and Cisco Certified Specialist – Email Content Security certifications. FreeTestShare CCNP Security 300-720 SESA Dumps contain real exam questions and answers to help you pass CCNP 300-720 exam on the first try. CCNP Security 300-720 SESA Dumps are considerably more effective in familiarizing yourself with the format and type of 300-720 exam paper and can help you pass your exam successfully.

This free 300-720 practice test can now be used to assess your preparation.

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1. Which SMTP extension does Cisco ESA support for email security?

2. Which type of attack is prevented by configuring file reputation filtering and file analysis features?

3. What is the default behavior of any listener for TLS communication?

4. What must be configured to allow the Cisco ESA to encrypt an email using the Cisco Registered Envelope Service?

5. Which two action types are performed by Cisco ESA message filters? (Choose two.)

6. A network administrator is modifying an outgoing mail policy to enable domain protection for the organization. A DNS entry is created that has the public key.

Which two headers will be used as matching criteria in the outgoing mail policy? (Choose two.)

7. An engineer is tasked with reviewing mail logs to confirm that messages sent from domain are passing SPF verification and being accepted by the Cisco ESA. The engineer notices that SPF verification is not being performed and that SPF is not being referenced in the logs for messages sent from domain

Why is the verification not working properly?

8. When URL logging is configured on a Cisco ESA, which feature must be enabled first?

9. Which two certificate authority lists are available in Cisco ESA? (Choose two.)

10. What is the order of virus scanning when multilayer antivirus scanning is configured?


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