Download Using HPE Containers HPE2-N68 Practice Exam Questions

Download Using HPE Containers HPE2-N68 Practice Exam Questions

You must pass the HPE2-N68 test if you want to pass Using HPE Containers exam, HPE Product Certified – Containers [2021] certification validates that you can describe, recommend, demonstrate, and configure HPE Ezmeral Container Platform solutions. Freetestshare provides a free HPE2-N68 demo with real exam questions and answers to assist you to understand the exam topics and format. HPE2-N68 Practice Exam Questions contains actual HPE2-N68 questions and answers that have been verified and updated to ensure accuracy.

Take a look at this free HPE2-N68 practice exam to get a better understanding of the exam!

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1. What is a setting that you are allowed to change after you deploy a Kubernetes cluster?

2. You need to set up email alerts.

When do you need to exec into the Ezmeral Container Platform controller's "epic-nagios" container, as opposed to using the Web Ul?

3. What Is one way that HPE EzmeralContainer Platform helps customers to reduce costs?

4. A Tenant Member plans to use KubeDirettor to deploy a Spark 2.4.5 cluster. You need to give cluster members access to data stored in a volume In Ezmeral Data Fabric .

What are two required steps?

5. You are creating an EPIC Tenant on Ezmeral Container Platform.

When would you grant the Cluster Superuser privilege to Tenant Admins?

6. You have created a Kubernetes Tenant on Ezmeral Container Platform. Users want to use the Kubect1tab in the Tenant UI to apply objects from YAML files .

What is a requirement?

7. You want to set up high availability (HA) for the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform control plane. This includes HA for gateways and HA for the platform. You are not planning to use the embedded Ezmeral Data Fabric.

Which hosts will you require at minimum?

8. What ate the network requirements for the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform controller and gateway?

9. 1.What is one requirement tor using the pre-check config rite to install HPE EzmeralContainer Platform v5.2 on a controller host?

10. You have created a Data Fabric-type Kubernetes cluster on Ezmeral Container Platform. You want to use this cluster's Data Fabric to provide persistent storage for other Kubernetes clusters on the platform.

This storage should include automatically generated TenantShares and TenantStorages.

What should you do?


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