Revised HPE2-T37 Exam Questions [2022] To Pass Using HPE OneView

Revised HPE2-T37 Exam Questions [2022] To Pass Using HPE OneView

How accurate was the practice test for you?  You will easily pass your Using HPE OneView exam on your first attempt if you use our revised HPE2-T37 Exam Questions. FreeTestShare HPE2-T37 Exam Questions fully describe what you will face on the real exam, allowing you to pass the HPE2-T37 exam quickly. Our HPE2-T37 Exam Questions are based on actual exam questions and will help you get the necessary subject matter knowledge to pass the Using HPE OneView exam.

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1. Which statement about the presented storage pools is true?


Click the option that will allow you to disable virtual MAC addresses or generate a new pool of virtual Worldwide Names.

3. You are creating a Logical Interconnect Group (LIG) that will be used to configure SAS connectivity .

What is the maximum number of frames that can be inducted in this LIG?


For each feature. indicate whether it is available with both hpe oneview Standard and hpe oneview Advanced licenses, or only with an hpe oneview Advanced license.

5. How will setting the Purpose field within the network definition of a server profile impact the network traffic?


You want a server profile to be automatically applied when an HPE Synergy Compute Module is replaced.

Click the appropriate configuration option.

7. Which licenses are optional to be purchased separately for HPE Synergy?

8. Which statement about access to HPE Onboard Administrator is true when an HPE BladeSystem enclosure is added to HPE OneView?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

What does selecting the "Permanent" option mean?

10. You configured downlink aggregation for one of the HPE Synergy Compute Modules in an environment by placing two connections in the same Link Aggregation Group. After you made the changes to the server profile, its status changed to critical.

What can be done to fix this issue?


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