Newly Update HPE6-A73 Dumps To Pass Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam

Newly Update HPE6-A73 Dumps To Pass Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam

The newly update HPE6-A73 Dumps are available for your Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam. You can use FreeTestShare free HPE6-A73 practice exam to familiarize yourself with our product. Our HPE6-A73 Dumps cover all of the topics covered on the Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam, so you’ll be prepared to pass the real HPE6-A73 exam. The HPE6-A73 Dumps fully describe what you will face on the real exam, allowing you to pass the HPE6-A73 exam quickly.

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1. An administrator will be replacing a campus switching infrastructure with AOS-CX switches that support VSX capabilities. The campus involves a core, as well as multiple access layers.

Which feature should the administrator implement to allow both VSX-capable core switches to process traffic sent to the default gateway in the campus VLANs?

2. What is correct regarding multicasting and AOS-CX switches?

3. A network engineer is having a problem adding a custom-written script to an AOS-CX switch’s NAE GUI. The script was written in Python and was successfully added on other AOS-CX switches.

The engineer examines the following items from the CLI of the switch:

What should the engineer perform to fix this issue?

4. A customer has twenty AOS-CX switches that will be managed by NetEdit and would like support for NetEdit these switches will exist in the network for at least five years.

Which type of licensing should be used by this customer?

5. Which AOS-CX feature is used to prevent head-on-line (HOL) blocking?

6. What is correct regarding the operation of VSX and multicasting with PIM-SM routing configured?

7. When implementing deficit weighted round robin queuing, what importance does the weight value have?

8. A network has an ABR that connects area 0 and 1. A network engineer configures a summarized route for area 0. The ABR is a designated router (DR) for the segment it uses to connect to area 1.

Which LSA type is assigned to this route when the summarized route is advertised into area 1 by the ABR?

9. An administrator will be implementing tunneling between AOS-CX switches and Aruba gateways.

Which list of protocols must minimally be allowed by an intermediate firewall between two sets of devices?

10. A network administrator is managing a network that deploys a multicast service. The administrator has

multiple streams successfully being routed by PIM-DM in the network. The administrator then adds a new stream with a destination address of However, clients who have not joined the stream are receiving it.

What should the administrator do to fix this problem?


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