Free Latest HPE6-A72 Dumps To Pass Aruba Certified Switching Associate Exam

Free Latest HPE6-A72 Dumps To Pass Aruba Certified Switching Associate Exam

Aruba Certified Switching Associate (HPE6-A72) exam test the candidate on the fundamental skills necessary to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions using Aruba’s OS-CX routing and switching technologies in small to medium enterprise network solutions. FreeTestShare recently updated HPE6-A72 practice exam questions and answers. To ensure that all test questions are true and valid, they have been corrected and updated. In the HPE6-A72 section, you can also practice the actual exam questions online.

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1. Core# configure terminal

Core(config)# vrf Green

Core(config-vrf)# exit


Core(config)# interface vlan 50

Core(config-if-vlan)# ?

Given the configuration on the CORE switch shown above, what command would follow to assign the switched virtual interface (SVI) vlan 50 to the VRF created?

2. What is true about VSX? (Choose two.)

3. What are two OSPF attributes within the hello messages that must match to successfully establish neighbor relationships? (Choose two.)

4. Refer to the exhibit.

All four switches in the diagram have been configured with the region name "Aruba1".

What two other MSTP configurations must match for switches within the same MST region? (Choose two.)

5. Which two commands will save the running-config so that changes will be loaded automatically on the next reboot? (Choose two.)

6. Which two types of routes can be found in the IP routing table of an Aruba AOS-CX switch? (Choose two.)

7. ServiceOS login: admin

SVOS> password

Enter password: ********

Confirm password: ********

The login password to access an Aruba AOS-CX was lost. After connecting to the switch console port, a reboot is performed and the Service OS console is accessed as shown above.

What is the default password that is required for the admin account while under the Service OS console?


Match the terms to the correct layer of the OSI model.

9. What is an available command on an Aruba AOS-CX switch that would back up the secondary image to a secure remote repository?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

The above scenario shows a packet from the Server destined for the Firewall. Switch-A and Switch-B are bundled as VSF stack. The LAG between the VSF stack and the firewall indicates a hash function to forward the packet on port 2/1/2.

Which statement is true regarding how Switch-A will forward the packet?


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