Try Free H11-851_V3.0-ENU HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Dumps

Try Free H11-851_V3.0-ENU HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Dumps

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1. TE HD terminal rem o te loopback includes (). (Multiple Cho i ce)

2. The Media board of the VP96 series CU can c o mplete audio and v i deo media ad a ptation.

How m a ny channels of 1080p30 med i a processing capabili t ies can a single Media boa r d support?

3. Regard i ng the H323 protocol, wh i ch of the fol l owing descr i ptions is c orrect?

4. Before the meeting, it is generally necessary to perform a basic check on Idea H ub to ensure that it can be used for joining the m eeting. T he basic i n s pection before the meeting includes (). ( Multiple Choice)

5. After the SMC2.0 installation is c o mplete, a root organization is automatically created in the org a nization, the default name is ()

6. CloudMCU supports f l oating license management. One 1080p30 ful l y adapted port can be converted into ( ) SVC port.

7. IdeaShare screen pro j e c tion supports reverse control. In sc e narios that supp o rt collaboration, use r s can control the computer that is projecting through t he keyboard, mouse, and touch screen on the terminal side.

8. 1.In a dual-stream confe r ence, y ou c a n transmit images from two video sources at the local end or see images from two video sources at the r emote end at the same t i me.

9. L a rge- v olume confe r ences ha v e a large num b er of participan t s, so the demand for i nteractive communication is the highest.

10. Log in to the SMC3.0 manageme n t ba c kground as a conference administrator can add MCUs.


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