HCIA-Cloud Service V3.0 H13-811_V3.0-ENU Sample Questions & Answers

HCIA-Cloud Service V3.0 H13-811_V3.0-ENU Sample Questions & Answers

You must select updated H13-811_V3.0-ENU questions and answers for the HCIA-Cloud Service V3.0 certification to complete the test with better grades. You can use FreeTestShare H13-811_V3.0-ENU Sample Questions & Answers to earn a fantastic result on your first attempt. Our experts have confirmed our H13-811_V3.0-ENU questions from real exam and candidates have passed the H13-811_V3.0-ENU exam with these update questions! To pass the H13-811_V3.0-ENU HCIA-Cloud Service V3.0 exam, you’ll need to download the most recent H13-811_V3.0-ENU questions and answers, which will help you pass the test without difficulty.

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1. A tenant built a technical forum through HUAWEI CLOUD. With the increasing number of forum users, many users began to complain that the forum access speed was getting slower and slower. Please analyze the possible causes of this problem and what are the corresponding solutions? (Multiple Choice)

2. Dedicated Host (DeH) is an exclusive physical host resource that users can enjoy exclusively. Similar to bare metal servers, it can be quickly distributed directly through private images.

3. Which of the following are the advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD relational database service? (Multiple choice)

4. What are the ways to connect to the public network (Internet)? (Multiple Choice)

5. Alarm notification is the action taken when a certain alarm state is triggered. Users can set notifications when creating or modifying alarms, or turn off notifications.

6. Which of the following descriptions about EVS, SFS and OBS storage services is correct?

7. Regarding cloud hard disk backup and cloud server backup, which of the following is correct? (Multiple choice)

8. HUAWEI CLOUD SSL certificates provide various types of certificates such as ov (enterprise version) and EV (enhanced), and tenants can choose the corresponding certificate according to their business needs.

9. When a tenant has business on the cloud, the tenant can lease a bandwidth for use by all elastic cloud servers, which can help enterprises save network operation costs and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

10. Which of the following descriptions about the relationship between virtualization and cloud computing are correct? (Multiple choice)


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