Download HCIP-Security-CISN V3.0 H12-721_V3.0 Real Questions

Download HCIP-Security-CISN V3.0 H12-721_V3.0 Real Questions

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1. The USG firewall bandwidth policy can match both traffic from source-zone to destination-zone and traffic from destination-zone to source-zone

2. For the SVN single-arm networking scenario, which of the following descriptions is correct? (Multiple choice)

3. Which of the following descriptions about the USG firewall bandwidth policy is wrong?

4. Which one of the following descriptions about the bandwidth channel limitation configured by the parent-child policy in the firewall is wrong?

5. Company A and Company B are in the same office building. The network exits of Company A and Company B are managed by the service provider of the building. Both company A and Company B want to ensure that their services are independent and that their employees on business trips can access the company network through SSL VPN. Which of the following solutions can solve this problem?

6. One FW device can create multiple virtual gateways, and each virtual gateway has an independent administrator.

7. Huawei UMA unified operation and maintenance audit product can effectively reduce the internal operation and maintenance risks of network equipment, servers, databases, business systems and other resources by centrally managing, monitoring and auditing the operation behavior of all operation and maintenance personnel in the enterprise.

Which of the following descriptions about Huawei UMA products is wrong?

8. There are three outgoing interface links ISP1, ISP2, and ISP3 from the firewall to the Internet, with bandwidths of 20OM, 100M, and 100M respectively. Enable intelligent route selection based on link bandwidth load balancing on the firewall, and set the overload protection thresholds of the three links to 80%, 90%, and 90% respectively.

The traffic from the firewall to the Internet is 340M. Which of the following is the traffic of the final three links? (Multiple choice)

9. Digital signature is to generate digital fingerprint by using hash algorithm, so as to ensure the integrity of data transmission.

10. Radius is a distributed information exchange protocol based on client/server architecture. The protocol defines the Radius packet format and transmission mechanism based on UDP (User Datagram Protocol), and specifies UDP ports 1712 and 1713 as the default authentication and billing port respectively.


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