How to Become A Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant?

How to Become A Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant?

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1. A nonprofit wants to use Customizable Rollups in its NPSP org.

What should the consultant advise1?

2. A consultant is migrating historic donation records into a nonprofit's Salesforce org. Many of these donations were paid in multiple installments.

What should the consultant do to correctly match the Payments to the Opportunities?

3. A nonprofit customer wants to have the status for a Campaign Member on a fundraising campaign automatically update when a donation is received from that Contact.

What should the consultant recommend?

4. A nonprofit organization is currently using Person Accounts in Salesforce. The organization now wants to use the NPSP Household Account model instead and does not want system administrators to interact with anything related to the Person Account model .

What should the consultant advise?

5. A nonprofit sends direct mail appeals via a third-party mail house. The nonprofit pulls a report from NPSP to send to the mail house with address information for each constituent who should receive an appeal. Some constituents prefer to receive mail at an address other than their primary household address.

How should a consultant access a list of those who do not reside at their household mailing address?

6. A board member introduced a high-net-worth individual to the work of the nonprofit. The individual made a donation at an event.

The fundraising manager wants to record this information in Salesforce. It is important the donation is hard credited to the individual while ensuring this donation, as well as any future donations from the individual, are soft-credited to the board member. The board member and the individual already exist as contacts in Salesforce.

How should the data be entered*?

7. The development director at a nonprofit needs to track grant lifecycles using NPSP, including assigning actions to staff members, tracking applications, reporting deadlines, and summarizing the total amount awarded with payments.

How should the consultant model payments, applications, reporting deadlines, and actions in NPSP for the grant seeking institution?

8. The admin at a nonprofit is implementing Salesforce Shield in its org to enable field platform encryption.

What are three NPSP considerations when implementing Shield Platform Encryption? Choose 3 answers

9. A user creating Opportunities wants to avoid manually entering information twice in order to have it appear on both the Opportunity record and the Payment record .

Which two steps should be taken to set this up?

10. A nonprofit organization needs to import a list of donations made at a recent gala. Several of the donors have more than one mailing address .

What is the correct order of objects to import data in Salesforce?


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