Free Updated Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer Exam Questions

Free Updated Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer Exam Questions

Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer credential is designed for professionals who have the requisite skills and experience at managing Lightning Platform development and deployment activities, and effectively communicating technical solutions to business and technical stakeholders. Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer Exam Questions will help you better comprehend the information included in the actual exam.You will be able to pass the Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer exam with flying colors if you use our practice questions and answers.

Here we have some sample exam questions. Try them to see if you are ready. 

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1. Universal Containers (UC) had implemented two full sandboxes. One, known as Stage, is used for performance, regression testing, and production readiness check. The other is used primarily for user acceptance testing (UAT). Both full sandboxes were refreshed two months ago. Currently, UC is targeting to start user acceptance testing in two weeks, and do production release in four weeks. An admin also realized Salesforce will have a major release in six weeks.

UC needs to release on the current Salesforce version, but also wants to make sure the new Salesforce release does not break anything

What should an architect recommend?

2. Universal Containers (UC) has a large user base (>300 users) and was originally implemented eight years ago by a Salesforce Systems Integration Partner. Since then, UC has made a number of changes to their Visual force pages and Apex classes in response to customer requirements, made by a variety of Vendors and internal teams.

Which three issues would a new Technical Architect expect to see when evaluating the code in the Salesforce org? Choose 3 answers

3. Universal Containers has seven orgs in different regions. Its processes are global and standardized but each region needs the flexibility to be able to understand the global code and customize some aspects for its regions.

Which development model is optimized for this need?

4. Universal Containers CUC) has decided to improve the quality of work by the development teams. As part of the effort, UC has acquired some code review software licenses to help the developers with code quality.

Which are two recommended practices to follow when conducting secure code reviews? Choose 2 answers

5. As a part of technical debt cleanup project, a large list of metadata components has been identified by the business analysts at Universal Containers for removal from the Salesforce org.

How should an Architect manage these deletions across sandbox environments and production with minimal impact on other work streams?

6. Universal Containers CUC) is an enterprise financial company that operates in EMEA, AMER, and APAC. Because of regulatory requirements, UC has a separate Salesforce org for each region. Each org has its own customizations that fit for the region needs, but there are also standard processes that apply to all regions requirements.

As the deployment architect, what should be considered for the multi-org deployment strategy?

7. Universal Containers (UC) just started configuration and customization of its Salesforce organization. The architect suggested the definition of an application lifecycle management (ALM) process.

What are three benefits of following an ALM process? Choose 3 answers

8. Universal Containers business users often observe that newly released features are resulting in other previously existing and stable functionality being broken.

Which approach should an Architect recommend to prevent regression?

9. Universal Containers (UC) is implementing Service Cloud for their contact centers for 3000 users. They have ~10 million customers. The average speed response time expected is less than 5 seconds with 1,500 concurrent users.

What type of testing will help UC measure the page response time?

10. Universal Containers has written several validation rules and workflow rules for the lead object.

Which two test types should an Architect suggest to ensure that a large inbound call center does not experience platform slowdowns under high call volume for the Lead object? Choose 2 answers


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