Updated Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Real Dumps

Updated Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Real Dumps

Are you looking to become a Salesforce Certified Business Analyst? Look no further! Our newly updated Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Real Dumps are the perfect tool to help you prepare for the certification exam. Our Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Real Dumps feature questions that are similar in format and difficulty to those on the actual certification exam.

Not only does our Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Real Dumps provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll encounter on the actual exam, but it also allows you to identify and strengthen any areas of weakness.  Additionally, our Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Real Dumps are constantly updated to align with the latest version of Salesforce, ensuring that you are always studying the most current and relevant material.

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1. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to reduce the amount of time it takes for customers to receive their orders after making an online purchase.

Which initial steps should the business analyst take to help determine why the order management and fulfillment process is slow?

2. As part of the digital transformation at Cloud Kicks, company leaders have decided to adopt Service Cloud as its CRM platform for customer service and support. Executive directors are supportive of the initiative, but end users are unconvinced and prefer to remain on the current platform.

What should the business analyst do to gain the end users' cooperation?

3. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is undergoing a Salesforce implementation for Service Cloud. The busjpess analyst is currency working with the development team as they build features in the sandbox. NTO wants to test these features before the changes are deployed to the production environment.

As part of the Application lifecycle Management (ALM) process, which three development models does Salesforce support?

4. Universal Containers is working to improve Salesforce adoption. Customer reps are utilizing many Salesforce features in the org, but sales reps are still relying on their personal spreadsheets.

What should the business analyst do to better understand the sales reps process in order increase Salesforce adoption?

5. Universal Containers (UC) has decided to implement Salesforce and has assigned a business analyst (BA) to write user stories for the project. The BA plans to meet customer to their experience in their own words.

Which type of research should the BA use to elicit user stories from UC’s customers?

6. The business analyst (BA) at Cloud Kicks has been asked to map the current sales process in Sales Cloud to document legal compliance with local privacy regulations, which can differ based on the state or country of a data transaction.

Which activity would be most effective in helping the BA understand the sales process?

7. While working on a new Sales Cloud feature request for the sales team at Northern Trail Outfitters, the business analyst (BA) uncovers a workflow which could have an impact on the service team. The sales director assures the BA that the impact to service would be minimal.

Which step should the BA take next?

8. A sales manager express frustration that the sales team is failing to enter calls in salesforce. The manager is hoping to resolve the issue quickly and has limited time and budget to complete revamp existing tools and process, the sales manager reaches out to the business analyst (BA) for recommendation.

What should the BA do next?

9. Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to enhance the user experience for customer service agents on Service Cloud so they can effectively meet their service-level agreements. CK has a vision for the future state, but needs to understand how to achieve it. A business analyst (BA) has been assigned to help with this goal.

Which type of document should the BA use to meet the requirement?

10. Universal Containers has kicked off a project focused on transforming its customer service department using Service Cloud.

During onboarding, the project manager shared the following process maps with the business analyst (BA):

Case Creation

• Case Triage

• Case Assignment

• Case Management

• Case Closure

Which key attributes should the BA look for when reviewing the process maps?



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