Download Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Questions

Download Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Questions

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Questions must be used to thoroughly prepare for the Salesforce Business Analyst Exam. FreeTestShare Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam questions will help you better comprehend the information included in the actual exam. They can be challenging, and many students give up before even trying them, but you can quickly prepare for the Certified Business Analyst Exam by using Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Questions. You will be able to pass the Certified Business Analyst exam with flying colors if you use our practice questions and answers.

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1. A business analyst (BA) at Universal Containers has been assigned to a Salesforce project that will have an impact on more than 5,000 office locations across the globe. The BA needs to identify the people who can describe the business problem and provide detailed requirements.

Which document should the BA use?

2. Cloud Kicks wants to assess the efficiency of its Sales Cloud solution to eliminate unnecessary steps and cut costs. A business analyst (BA) will give a presentation to executives to help them understand the current state and define the future state.

Which document should the BA use for the presentation?

3. Is the following a benefit of implementing Process Mapping? Spot and resolve flaws in the project early on.

4. The business analyst (BA) at Universal Containers has been capturing the requirements for a major Sales Cloud release. An admin has been deploying the resulting system changes. The quality assurance (QA) team has run into challenges when testing the changes. The BA is unaware of deployment and testing challenges.

What should the BA do to resolve these challenges with the release team?

5. The Salesforce team at Cloud Kicks (CK) is reviewing the sales team's business processes. During a review session, the business analyst notices that quantifiable benchmarks have yet to be established.

Why is it a best practice to establish benchmarks to evaluate existing processes?

6. Cloud Kicks has invited stakeholders from multiple departments and roles to participate in its latest Salesforce project. Each stakeholder's experiences and priorities for the project are different which causes tension within the team and a lack of clarity around project direction.

What should the business analyst do to help the team work together more effectively?

7. The business analyst is working with a stakeholder on a Salesforce project. The stakeholder needs an approval process on contract submissions. Sales managers want to see all contracts when the discount is greater than 20%. They will decline any contracts with a discount that is greater than 25%, but they want visibility into other highly discounted contracts.

Which acceptance criteria is the most effective for this scenario?

8. The scrum team working on Salesforce projects at Northern Trail Outfitters plans to review the current build with stakeholders to gather feedback. The business analyst will facilitate the meeting.

Which type of meeting should be held?

9. A business analyst (BA) is compiling a list of subject matter experts to consult throughout the discovery for a new Service Cloud implementation.

What is the primary value of the BA speaking with customer service reps?

10. Which of the following User Management terms is best described by this definition: " Record created to identify a new employee that starts accessing Salesforce"


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