Free Access To IBM C1000-130 Actual Questions and Answers

Free Access To IBM C1000-130 Actual Questions and Answers

If you are worried about your C1000-130 IBM Cloud Pak for Integration V2021.2 Administration exam and you are not prepared so, IBM C1000-130 Actual Questions and Answers of FreeTestShare could be the best materials, which contains actual questions and correct answers to help you prepare for IBM C1000-130 exam. With IBM C1000-130 questions and answers, you can prepare for C1000-130 exam well. Then we ensure that you can pass IBM C1000-130 certification exam in the first attempt.

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1. Which two of the following support Cloud Pak for Integration deployments?

2. Which two OpenShift project names can be used for installing the Cloud Pak for Integration operator?

3. When using the Operations Dashboard, which of the following is supported for encryption of data at rest?

4. What are two ways an Aspera HSTS Instance can be created?

5. Which service receives audit data and collects application logs in Cloud Pak Foundational Services?

6. Which OpenShift component controls the placement of workloads on nodes for Cloud Pak for Integration deployments?


Before upgrading the Foundational Services installer version, the installer catalog source image must have the correct tag.

To always use the latest catalog click on where the text 'latest' should be inserted into the image below?

8. 1.What is the result of issuing the following command?

oc get packagemanifest -n ibm-common-services ibm-common-service-operator - o*jsonpath='{.status.channels![*].name}'

9. An account lockout policy can be created when setting up an LDAP server for the Cloud Pak for Integration platform.

What is this policy used for?

10. Which statement is true about the removal of individual subsystems of API Connect on OpenShift or Cloud Pak for Integration?


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