Free IBM C1000-018 Real Questions and Answers To Test Yourself

Free IBM C1000-018 Real Questions and Answers To Test Yourself

Are you willing to pass C1000-018 IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Fundamental Analysis exam? There are 60 questions in the C1000-018 exam and you need to answer 38 questions correctly to pass this exam, the time duration is 90 minutes, you can choose English or Japanese language to give your IBM C1000-018 exam. This free C1000-018 practice test can now be used to assess your preparation. Here you will find a complete C1000-018 questions and answers to help you pass on the first try!

To check how prepared you are, take a free C1000-018 practice exam right now!

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1. An analyst has created a custom property from the events for searching for critical information. The analyst also needs to reduce the number of event logs and data volume that is searched when looking for the critical information to maintain the efficiency and performance of QRadar.

Which feature should the analyst use?

2. How would an analyst Interpret this QRadar notification: "SAR Sentinel: threshold crossed?"

3. When is the rating of an Offense magnitude re-evaluated?

4. To provide insight into why QRadar considers the event to be threatening, what does QRadar add to the Offense that users cannot edit or delete?

5. An analyst working with QRadar SIEM has been assigned a new Offense and is preparing a custom report on the Offense summary page. From this page, the analyst wants to navigate to the Log Activity or Network Activity page to export the Event/Flow data (Action - > export to CSV).

How can the analyst do this? (Choose two)

6. An analyst noticed that from a particular subnet (, all IP addresses are simultaneously trying to reach out to the company's publicly hosted FTP server.

The analyst also noticed that this activity has resulted in a Type B Superflow on the Network Activity tab-Under which category, should the analyst report this issue to the security administrator?

7. An analyst has been asked to search for a firewall device that was assigned to a specific address range in the past week.

What method can the analyst use to perform the search that uses simple words or phrases?

8. An analyst has been assigned a task to modify a rule in such a manner that Source IP of the triggered Offense from this rule should be stored in a Reference set.

Under which section of the rule wizard can the analyst achieve this?

9. What are anomaly detection rules used for?

10. What happens to a Closed Offense after the offense retention period which defaults to 30 days7


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