Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Real Questions

Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Real Questions

Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Real Questions are collected with the following topics: Health Cloud Basic Setup, Security, Care Management (Care Coordination), Care Programs (Patient Services), Providers, Interoperability/Integration, Utilization Management/Persona Payer, Intelligent Sales/Med Device and Migration/Migrating to Health Cloud. If you study well in Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Real Questions, then you will pass your exam successfully on the first attempt.

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1. A Health Cloud administrator has set up risk recalculation by setting the recalculate flag to TRUE but is not seeing the recalculation score for the patient.

Which of the following is most likely the reason why recalculation score for the patient is notdisplaying?

2. Which data model is used to represent information via standard object and……………… covered?

3. Dr. Jill Mikel at Tahoe Hospital would like to improve the management of patient visits.

Which steps should the salesforce Administrator complete to setup a patient visit Process? (Choose two)

4. What is the difference between Care Program and Care Plans in Health Cloud? (Choose 1 C Recall concept / Remember.)

5. Which format is acceptable for intelligent document automation upload?

6. How can a Health Cloud administrator change the label ‘Patient Card’ to ‘Member Card’ to be more aligned with their specific business terminology and use case?

7. 1.A sales Representative wants to request a Rep-to-Rep Transfer.

What two paths are available to request the transfer? (Choose two)

8. Which steps should a salesforce administrator complete to set up a warehouse that serves as aproduct fulfillment location to salesforce representative in a specific region, irrespective of the account? (Choose three)

9. Three steps required to configure HC?

10. Which two fields are required when creating a new care plan task?



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