How To Pass The Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer Exam?

How To Pass The Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer Exam?

To pass your Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer Exam, the best method is to challenge and improve your knowledge.  The best tips to pass Identity and Access Management Designer exam is to use Identity and Access Management Designer dumps. FreeTestShare Identity and Access Management Designer dumps allow you to practice the types of questions that may occur on the exam and to think about the answers ahead of time. It contains Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer exam questions and answers to help you pass the exam on the first try!

To put your skills to the test, try below free practice exam!

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1. Universal containers wants to implement single Sign-on for a salesforce org using an external identity provider and corporate identity store .

What type of Authentication flow is required to support deep linking?

2. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is planning to roll out a partner portal for its distributors using Experience Cloud. NTO would like to use an external identity provider (idP) and for partners to register for access to the portal. Each partner should be allowed to register only once to avoid duplicate accounts with Salesforce.

What should a identity architect recommend to create partners?

3. A manufacturer wants to provide registration for an Internet of Things (IoT) device with limited display input or capabilities.

Which Salesforce OAuth authorization flow should be used?

4. Universal Containers wants to allow its customers to log in to its Experience Cloud via a third party authentication provider that supports only the OAuth protocol.

What should an identity architect do to fulfill this requirement?

5. Northern Trail Outfitters is implementing a busmess-to-business (B2B) collaboration site using Salesforce Experience Cloud. The partners will authenticate with an existing identity provider and the solution will utilize Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to provide single sign-on to Salesforce. Delegated administration will be used in the Expenence Cloud site to allow the partners to administer their users' access.

How should a partner identity be provisioned in Salesforce for this solution?

6. Universal Containers (UC) has decided to use Salesforce as an Identity Provider for multiple external applications. UC wants to use the salesforce App Launcher to control the Apps that are available to individual users .

Which three steps are required to make this happen?

7. Universal Containers (UC) is considering a Customer 360 initiative to gain a single source of the truth for its customer data across disparate systems and services. UC wants to understand the primary benefits of Customer 360 Identity and how it contributes ato successful Customer 360 Truth project.

What are two are key benefits of Customer 360 Identity as it relates to Customer 360? Choose 2 answers

8. A multinational company is looking to rollout Salesforce globally. The company has a Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) implementation for the Americas, Europe and APAC. The company plans to have a single org and they would like to have all of its users access Salesforce using the ADFS. The company would like to limit its investments and prefer not to procure additional applications to satisfy the requirements.

What is recommended to ensure these requirements are met?

9. A technology enterprise is planning to implement single sign-on login for users. When users log in to the Salesforce User object custom field, data should be populated for new and existing users.

Which two steps should an identity architect recommend? Choose 2 answers

10. Universal Containers (UC) has a Customer Community that uses Facebook for Authentication.

UC would like to ensure that Changes in the Facebook profile are reflected on the appropriate Customer Community user: How can this requirement be met?


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