How To Become A Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant?

How To Become A Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant?

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1. Northern Trail Outfitters upgraded their Marketing Cloud account which now includes a Sender Authentication Package (SAP), They send regularly 300,000

What should they be aware of with respect to sender reputation?

2. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a requirement to create a distinction between marketing and transactional emails in terms of From Name and IP Address for reputation purposes.

Which two actions should NTO take to create Send Classifications? Choose 2 answers

3. By which three standard methods could contacts be injected into a journey? Choose 3 answers

4. NTO wants to import files at certain standard times, but occasionally a file will be dropped on a Friday if the 30th of the month falls on a weekend.

What is the flow?

5. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is running a campaign for a brand new type of footwear inside Journey Builder. The entry event: Prevents contacts from entering the journey if "shoes" is not selected in their preferences.

Is based on a data extension which has Email Address as Primary Key.

A few weeks after launching the campaign, NTO's data analyst noticed a reduced email volume and that some contacts inside the data extension updated their preferences after the launch of the campaign. Even with the entry event being triggered every day, those contacts are not receiving the welcome emails.

What could be the reason?

6. A user in Marketing Cloud needs to send an email to a Salesforce Report via a Guided Send process.

How should the consultant meet this requirement?

7. A consultant is configuring Marketing Cloud Connect in Marketing Cloud. The customer requires that integrated users only have access to Sales Cloud data visible to them in their Salesforce account.

How would the consultant ensure that this requirement is met?

8. A customer wants to send a quarterly reengagement email to subscribers who have NOT opened in the previous three months.

The customer’s plans are to:

• Use an existing Paste HTML email for the first send.

• Make only minor changes to the email creative for future sends.

• Send to the subscriber list.

• Deploy emails manually for now, but possibly automate in the future.

Which send method should be used?

9. Northern Trail Outfitters has integrated their Marketing Cloud account with their Salesforce sandbox.

In what order should the steps be performed to refresh the sandbox in their integrated account?

10. A retail company needs to create journeys that will target subscribers based on website behavior.

They have identified three separate groups:

* Customer who searched for an item on their website

* Customers who abandoned a cart on their website

* Customers who made a purchase on their website

Which three questions should the consultant ask in order to design the data structure to this solution? Choose 3 answers:



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