Small Business Technical Overview (SBTO) 700-755 Practice Exam Questions

Small Business Technical Overview (SBTO) 700-755 Practice Exam Questions

Small Business Technical Overview (SBTO) 700-755 exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills to educate, deploy and activate small business solutions with particular emphasis on the Cisco Designed small business portfolio. FreeTestShare offers 700-755 practice exam with real exam questions and answers to help you know the exam topics and layout well. You can also download the 700-755 practice test here online.

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1. In which two ways can the C i sco C atalyst 1000 series of swi t ches be manage d ? (C h o os e two)

2. Combini n g a Cisco M e raki MR a cc e ss point and MS switch solution prov i des which additional functionality over pairing with a Cisco Catalyst?

3. What is t h e tool to deploy and man a ge Cisco B u s iness Prod u c t s from end-to-en d ? A. Third-party management tool

B. Ci s co DNA

C. Cisco B u s iness Dashbard (CB D )

D. Cisco C o mmand Line Interface (C L I)

4. By how much can Cisco UCS reduce provisioning time? A. 6 hours to 1 minute

B. 12 weeks to 10 minutes

C. 1 month to 1 hour

D. 6 months to 2 weeks E. 2 weeks to 6 hours

5. Which two capabilities are included i n the S y stem Manager's r obust enterprise mobility management

(EMM) feature set? (Cho o se two) A. Rapid pr ov isioning (enrollment) B. Emergen c y broadcast (alerts) C. Remote troublesh o oting

D. RFID tag tracking E. OS versi o n control

6. What are two ways that the MX security applia nc e achieves automatic failover and high availability * ? (Ch o ose two)

7. Which complete cloud solution product does Cisco o f fer for c ustomers with l e ss than 1000 users? A. Cisco W e bex Greenfi e lds Bundle

B. Cisco W e bex A-Flex Bundle

C. Cisco W e bex W ork Bundle

D. Cisco W e bex Event C enter Bundle

8. What do e s the ISR 900 series router provide o v er the R V s e r i es routers'? A. more a f fo r dability

B. the incor p oration of a 4 -port unma n aged switch

C. the ability to add new services with o ut changing equipment

D. cellular failover capability via a USB modem

9. What are the two Mer a ki li c ensing models f o r organizations'? (Choose t w o) A. Cloud Dashboard lic e nsing

B. Per-device licensing

C. Advanced Security lic e nsing

D. Co-termi n ation licensing

E. Enterprise Network licensing

10. What separates Cisco Mera k i from its competitors?


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