Download 2V0-41.20 Exam Dumps For Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center

Download 2V0-41.20 Exam Dumps For Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center

If you are looking for some help for your 2V0-41.20 Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center exam, you’re at the right page. FreeTestShare has put up a comprehensive collection of 2V0-41.20 Exam Dumps to guide you through real questions and answers to help you prepare for the VMware 2V0-41.20 Exam. The newest 2V0-41.20 Exam Dumps are designed to test your knowledge and are based on the exam objectives. A free sample of our 2V0-41.20 Exam Dumps is included to assist you get acquainted with the exam. Take the entire 2V0-41.20 Exam Dumps for a single success to evaluate your preparation.

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1. Which three different transport nodes could be configured in the data plane? (Choose three.)

2. Which CLI command should be executed on a KVM hypervisor to retrieve the VM interface UUID?

3. Which two statements are true for a Tier-1 Gateway? (Choose two.)

4. Which two statements are true about the implementation of multicast in NSX-T Data Center? (Choose two.)

5. Which two choices are prerequisites to configure NSX-T on VDS? (Choose two.)

6. Which statement is true about an alarm in a Suppressed state?

7. Which tool could be used to configure BGP on a Tier-0 Gateway?

8. Which statement describes the VMware Virtual Cloud Network Vision?

9. Which two choices are solutions of the NSX portfolio (Choose two.)?

10. Which two commands does an NSX administrator use to check the IP address of the VMkernel port for the GENEVE protocol on the ESXi transport node? (Choose two.)


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