Download Free VMware 5V0-42.21 Actual Questions and Answers

Download Free VMware 5V0-42.21 Actual Questions and Answers

VMware SD-WAN Design and Deploy Skills exam(5V0-42.21) assesses that the candidate has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to deploy a VeloCloud SD-WAN. It has 52 questions with a passing score of 300. Exam time is 115 minutes. VMware 5V0-42.21 practice exam questions and answers from FreeTestShare are the greatest way to ensure your success in only one sitting. By practicing with our 5V0-42.21 dumps, you will be able to easily answer all the questions and ensure your success on the first attempt!

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1. An administrator has been receiving complaints about their SaaS business collaboration apps.

Which network service should the administrator use to resolve the issue?

2. During a VMware SD-WAN design session for a core business application, a customer expressed the following requirements:

* Allow business abstraction so that similar policies can be applied across different hardware types.

* Eliminate the need for the operations team to know the type of physical connectivity or the WAN carrier.

* Maintain SLA for real-time application.

Which design should be taken in terms of Link Steering?

3. An Enterprise customer just acquired a new company, and the Network Enterprise administrator was tasked to integrate over 20 new branches into their existing SD-WAN network. However, these branches have overlapping IPs with the existing branches subnets.

4. Refer to the exhibit.

Which VMware SD-WAN Edge High Availability deployment is being used"?

5. 1.Which statement describes a characteristic of VMware SU-WAN Edge (VCL) clustering?

6. Given a VMware SD WAN Branch Edge with Dual Internet links A and B:

• Link A has 50 Mb capacity and latency 10ms

• Link H has 50 Mb capacity and latency 10ms

A database backup of 40Mbps is parted, and the traffic classified as low priority bulk traffic.

Which statement is correct?

7. A customer has a hybrid VMware SD-WAN deployment and wants to use the SD-WAN Service Reachable feature on the private WAN.

What is the main dependency that must be met for the feature to work?

8. A network administrator is concerned about an Edge that may be approaching its documented limit for the number of simultaneous tunnels. The historical data showing the number of simultaneous tunnels over the time needs to be checked.

Where can this historical data be found?

9. Which deployment model ensures that management and control plane is cloud-delivered while data continues to flow on-premises between VMware SD-WAN nodes that remain on-premises?

10. A service provider needs to ensure that the NOC is notified proactively in the event that an Edge interface loses connectivity to its WAN provider.

Which three methods are available for generating these alerts? (Choose three.)


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