Try Free Online VCP-CMA 2022 2V0-31.21 Test Questions With Verified Answers

Try Free Online VCP-CMA 2022 2V0-31.21 Test Questions With Verified Answers

The Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 (2V0-31.21) exam is associated with VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Management and Automation 2021 certification.This exam tests and validates candidates’ expertise with VMware’s cloud automation solution. It tests their ability to install, configure, manage, and perform basic troubleshooting of a VMware vRealize Automation environment.

Before taking the 2V0-31.21 exam, you may test your knowledge with a free 2V0-31.21 practice test. The VCP-CMA 2022 2V0-31.21 Test Questions fully describe what you will face on the real exam, allowing you to pass the 2V0-31.21 exam quickly. The VCP-CMA 2022 2V0-31.21 Test Questions contain all of the information you’ll need to pass the 2V0-31.21 test. You may now access your knowledge by taking this free practice test with questions and answers.

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1. An administrator is tasked is tasked with using an existing set of cloud templates and images that are available online through the Marketplace tab in vRealize Automation.

Which integration does the administrator have to configure first to enable this functionality? (Choose the best answer.)

2. The administrator is tasked with creating a number of different content sources in Service Broker so that multiple types of catalog items can be created.

What is the only public cloud template that can be selected as a content source in Service Broker? (Choose the best answer.)

3. Where would an administrator configure the availability of newly added all-flash storage arrays for a Big Data Project in vRealize Automation? (Choose the best answer.)

4. The vRealize Orchestrator Service runs as a Kubernetes pod within each vRealize Automation appliance.

Which three containers make up the vRealize Orchestrator Service? (Choose three.)

5. What are two advantages of using vRealize Automation on-premises over vRealize Automation Cloud? (Choose two.)

6. Assuming no additional inputs have been added to the cloud template and the custom form is not enabled, which two fields are always flagged as mandatory when requesting a catalog item? (Choose two.)

7. An administrator creates a content source and would like to share all the imported cloud templates dynamically with the project members.

Which content sharing option should the administrator select to achieve this? (Choose the best answer.)

8. An administrator needs to create a custom form for a cloud template that has just been created. One of the form input fields needs to be a drop-down that is populated through an external source.

Which vRealize Automation service must the administrator use to complete this task? (Choose the best answer.)

9. Kubernetes zones enable administrators to define the policy-based placement of which items? (Choose the best answer.)

10. For which two components can an administrator add a machine template using image mappings? (Choose two.)


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