VMware HCI Master Specialist 5V0-21.21 Dumps Questions

VMware HCI Master Specialist 5V0-21.21 Dumps Questions

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1. An organization has two vSAN clusters managed by the same vCenter Server, each providing 100TB of storage. The first cluster runs at 75% of its storage capacity, and the second cluster runs at 50% of its storage capacity.

The company also has the following:

* An iSCSI array of 300TB. which runs at 76% of its capacity

* A NAS system of 200TB, which runs at 10% of its capacity

* A Fiber channel (FC) array of 300TB, which runs at 80% of its capacity

The administrator is asked to add an additional 25TB of storage to the first cluster. The administrator is also made aware that there is no budget to purchase new hardware and that the vSAN Storage Policy Based Management must be kept in place.

Which storage option will work for this use case?

2. An administrator has been tasked to reboot a node in an encrypted vSAN cluster. The vSAN disk groups on that node become locked after rebooting the node.

Which step should be performed to exit the locked state?

3. An architect is designing for a production vSAN cluster, and the customer introduced these requirements related to File Services: A minimum of 12 files shares. 30TB NFS capacity to mount workload VMs.

What should be the architect’s recommendations?

4. During a design workshop for a stretched vSAN cluster, the requirement that some of the VMs be configured with no-mirror between sites was discussed.

Which three recommendations should the architect provide to address an event of a network partition between two sites? (Choose three.)

5. An administrator wants to enable encryption on an existing vSAN cluster that already contains virtual machines.

Which additional step should the administrator take to ensure no data is lost during the encryption process?

6. An 8-Node vSAN Stretched Cluster (4+4+1) with a single disk group has a policy with PFTT=1 (mirrored across sites) and SFTT=1/FTM Mirroring (Local Protection) configured.

The administrator has been alerted that there is a problem with the cluster.

The following has been observed:

* The vSAN Witness Host is offline.

* Two disk failures on two hosts have occurred in the preferred site.

This has resulted in a critical production virtual machine’s vmdk becoming inaccessible.

Which step needs to be performed by the administrator to resolve the issue?

7. An architect needs to automate an infrastructure that supports VMware Horizon as well as VMware Tanzu.

Which solution mandates the use of VMware vSAN?

8. An architect is designing a vSAN cluster.

Which storage controller option will yield optimal performance?

9. An administrator wants to check the performance metrics for the workloads and their virtual disks that are running on a vSAN cluster, but no statistical charts are displayed in the vSphere client.

Why is this behavior being seen?

10. Which flash disk size is required for the cache tier per ESXi node to meet all requirements?


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