Free Access To Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Dumps

Free Access To Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Dumps

To assist candidates to get Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Certification, FreeTestShare offers 100% real Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant dumps that will not only help you pass your exam but will also make you an expert in technical knowledge, allowing you to operate in the industry at the highest level of excellence. FreeTestShare has compiled a comprehensive collection of Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam questions and answers to guide you through your Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam preparation easily.

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1. A Consultant for Cloud Kicks notices that the Deploy date for the Sales Cloud project is also the same weekend of a Salesforce release.

What should the Consultant recommend?

2. Cloud Kicks (CK) plans to implement Advanced Currency Management for its Salesforce implementation. CK has Roll-up Summary fields on the Account and Opportunity.

What should CK consider when enabling Advanced Currency Management in its Salesforce org?

3. Cloud Kicks is currently going through a fast-paced growth of its sales department. The Sales Director notices that new sales executives are investing time connecting with existing contacts who are not influential in furthering the business relationship.

Which two potential solutions can the Consultant recommend? Choose 2:

4. A consultant is implementing a new Sales Cloud instance for Cloud Kicks (CK) that has a public sharing model for Accounts. Different sales reps own localAccounts that create a multi-level Account Hierarchy. CK needs to see the total number of closed won opportunities and the revenue value for all Accounts in the hierarchy when viewing 2 Parent Account.

Which recommendation meets this requirement?

5. Cloud Kicks has hired a consultant to help with its initial Salesforce implementation.

Which three steps should the consultant take to help Cloud Kicks get Salesforce up and running? Choose 3 answers

6. During the requirements gathering workshops at Cloud Kicks, the project team and subject matter experts bring up new ideas to incorporate4 into thecurrent project.

Which best practice should the consultant use to refocus the meeting and stay on topic?

7. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is moving their legacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to salesforce sales cloud.

What should the consultant recommend to ensure a successful implementation?

8. The sales manager at a company has noticed that sales teams are having trouble understanding who should an Opportunity. Sales teams base their sales Opportunities onassignments to specific ZIP codes.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

9. The Discovery phase with Cloud Kicks (CK) has just ended. CK wants a visual way to see how the new processes will work. CK's process is complex and requires multiple slides.

What should the consultant design to give CK this high-level view?

10. At Universal Containers, in addition to the sales team, support reps are sometimes eligible for commissions. When support reps are involved in a deal, they should receive a credit of

15% of the revenue.

What should the consultant consider when designing a revenue sharing solution?


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