Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant CRT-251 Updated Questions

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant CRT-251 Updated Questions

The Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant (CRT-251) exam is designed to test your knowledge and skills related to the design, configuration, and management of Sales Cloud solutions. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the exam:

  1. Review the exam objectives: The exam objectives outline the topics that will be covered on the exam. Make sure you are familiar with all of the objectives listed.
  2. Take a course: Salesforce offers a variety of training courses that can help you prepare for the exam. These courses cover the exam objectives in depth and provide hands-on experience with the Salesforce platform.
  3. Practice with sample questions: FreeTestShare provides a set of sample questions for each certification exam. These sample questions will give you a good idea of the types of questions you can expect on the exam.
  4. Use online resources: There are many online resources, such as study guides and practice tests, that can help you prepare for the exam. These resources can provide additional insight into the exam content and help you build your knowledge and confidence.
  5. Get hands-on experience: In addition to studying, it’s important to get hands-on experience working with the Salesforce platform. This will help you understand how the various features and functions work in practice and better prepare you for the exam.

I hope these tips are helpful in your preparation for the Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant (CRT-251) exam. Good luck!

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1. Cloud Kicks has a requirement to measure end user adoption and data quality in Salesforce.

Which solution should the consultant recommend?

2. Cloud Kicks (CK) plans to implement Advanced Currency Management for its Salesforce implementation. CK has Roll-up Summary fields on the Account and Opportunity.

What should CK consider when enabling Advanced Currency Management in its Salesforce org?

3. Northern Trail Outfitter has created a Complaints custom object related to Accounts. Due to the sensitive nature of these records, the object’s visibility has been set to Private. A dedicated subnet of support users who will work on these items has been added to a Complaints Specialist public group. Only users within the Complaints Specialist public group should be able to view and edit any Compliant record.

Which two options should a consultant recommend to meet the requirements? Choose 2 answers

4. Cloud Kicks has enabled Orders to track and manage customer requests for products. The sates team has requested a process to return or reduce the quantity of activated Orders.

Which two Salesforce features should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

5. Cloud Kicks has enabled multi-Currency in its organization. All the rates are set.

What will happen if the exchange rates are adjusted?

6. The Cloud Kicks (CK) IT team wants to enable Person Accounts in its Salesforce org.

Which three prerequisites must be met before the consultant can enable Person Accounts? Choose 3 answers

7. Universal Containers is creating a new program to allow customers to pay for large orders over the course of 1 to 3 years in monthly instalments beginning in the month the products are sold. The admin needs to configure Sales Cloud to accommodate the new pricing terms and to help the finance department forecast easily.

What should the consultant recommend meeting the requirement?

8. Cloud Kicks plans to integrate its email system with Salesforce, and wants to show the last 2 months of email activity to its 75 sales reps.

What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

9. The Cloud Kicks team has made a correction in a sandbox environment that needs to be deployed to production as soon as possible. The sandbox and production environments are on two different versions of Salesforce. The fix requires functionality in the sandbox version.

Which action should the consultant recommend?

10. Cloud Kicks wants to implement team selling to share differing levels of access to Accounts and associate records, such as opportunities, contracts, and case, based on team member responsibilities.

Which capability should the consultant recommend?


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