How To Pass Salesforce B2C Solution Architect Certification Exam?

How To Pass Salesforce B2C Solution Architect Certification Exam?

If you don’t know how to pass the Salesforce B2C Solution Architect exam, We have updated our B2C Solution Architect dumps which include practice test questions and answers that will ensure you prepare the Salesforce B2C Solution Architect Certification Exam easily. All of the B2C Solution Architect dumps can assist you in determining your proficiency. You can easily learn everything to ensure that you pass the Salesforce B2C Solution Architect test.The latest updated B2C Solution Architect dumps help you know about the exam layout and topics. You can practice the actual test questions in the following online first.

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1. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to integrate its product information management (PIM) system with B2C Commerce so shopping experiences can be relevant, personalized, and seamless across channels. They need the ability to search for product deltas in the PIM system and reflect those changes in B2C Commerce on a scheduled basis. The Solution Architect recommends using MuleSoft Accelerator for B2C Commerce for this integration.

Which two benefits should the Solution Architect highlight about API-led connectivity while implementing the MuleSoft accelerator for B2C Commerce? Choose 2 answers

2. A university has several small departmental organizations scattered across different colleges. Each of which has its own finances, business processes, and strategies that are sometimes at odds. They would like to introduce a university-wide communications strategy that allows their recruitment team to market to potential students globally while allowing each department to recruit existing students for its own programs.

What should a Solution Architect recommend to meet their needs?

3. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) exported all the Account records from Salesforce and used a data transformation tool to clean up values in the phone field using a standardized format. The export file has more than 2 million records. During previous data loads for similar updates on the Account object, NTO did not experience any issues with row lock.

Which feature of Data Loader should be used to load this data back into Salesforce faster?

4. A company recently launched their ecommerce sites for three countries: Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The company is now looking to set up marketing automations using Marketing Cloud.

Their B2C Commerce is configured with two realms: ANZ and SE Asia. Each country has a site within their respective realm: Australia and New Zealand sites are within ANZ and Singapore is within SE Asia.

Which account hierarchy should a Solution Architect recommend for the Marketing Cloud set up?

5. A company wants to integrate B2C Commerce and Marketing Cloud so that customers shopping online can be segmented for marketing campaigns like Abandoned Cart and Post Purchase Journeys.

Which two actions are needed to enable an Abandoned Cart Journey? Choose 2 answers

6. A company has Person Account set up on their Sales Cloud and they now want to map subscriber data in Marketing Cloud.

What should a Solution Architect recommend?

7. A company uses Salesforce to store accounts and contacts. All users have switched to the Lightning Experience user interface. The Account Hierarchy feature is used extensively to relate companies to their subsidiaries. A Solution Architect finds that the data migration process is creating duplicate contacts with different primary accounts.

Which two options can the Solution Architect use to ensure that there is only a single contact for a particular person across all the subsidiaries of a company? Choose 2 answers

8. A customer service team raised a new business requirement that requires a multi-cloud solution design between B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. A Solution Architect has been hired to lead the design of the multi-cloud solution.

Which two actions should the Solution Architect take to accurately capture requirements and deliver the solution overview? Choose 2 answers

9. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to bring data from across all parts of their Salesforce Customer Success Platform Into the Marketing Cloud account. A Solution Architect recommends using Synchronized Data Sources In Contact Builder and Marketing Cloud Connect to Integrate multiple business units In their account.

Which API does the Solution Architect need to use with Marketing Cloud Connect for this integration?

10. A company uses B2C Commerce, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud and requires that customers create an account before making their first purchase.

Which system creates the customer ID and which system creates an additional ID to use as the customer primary record?


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