Update DELL EMC DEP-3CR1 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam Dumps

Update DELL EMC DEP-3CR1 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam Dumps

The latest DELL EMC DEP-3CR1 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam Dumps are newly updated for your test preparation. DEP-3CR1 exam is a qualifying exam for the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery (DC) track. The exam assesses the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and covers the concepts, features, implementation and administration, and integration with other products. You can try the update DELL EMC DEP-3CR1 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam Dumps below to test yourself.

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1. Where is the CyberSense feature installed in a Cyber Recovery environment?

2. What are the possible connection states of the CR Vault?

3. 1.Which Cyber Recovery REST API section allows a user to create log bundles?

4. A customer wants to use the service of an external network operation center (NOC) /security operation center (SOC) to monitor the CR Vault environment

What is the most secure solution if the customer wants to ensure that communication is only possible to

the NOC/SOC?

5. A company has DP8300in the production environment. They would like to use the CR Vault.

What is the most efficient solution to replicate data to the CR Vault?

6. What parameter is added to the command cr setup.sh to install Cyber Recovery on a VM?

7. Before performing a NetWorker recovery, what command needs to be run to determine the UID required?

8. An enterprise customer needs a Cyber Recovery solution to be implemented. As an outcome from a previous workshop, the following backup environment needs to be protected to the CR Vault.

Location1: 4PowerProtectDDs

Location2: 4PowerProtectDDs

Location3: 2PowerProtectDDs

Location4: 2PowerProtectDDs

The customer wants to implement aCRVaultina5th location

How many Cyber Recovery systems must be installed at a minimum level?

9. What occurs when the Cyber Sense license expires?

10. A customer want store cover the Avamar server inside the CR Vault. The checkpoint backup was replicated to Power Protect DD using the CR Application. While performing the rollback, the job failed.

What is the reason?


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