Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist DES-3128 Real Dumps

Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist DES-3128 Real Dumps

Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist DES-3128 Real Dumps are provided online for your best preparation. DES-3128 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, NetWorker (DCS-IE) track. It focuses on ensuring individuals are knowledgeable in enterprise backup concepts and terminology and can successfully implement solutions designs with Dell EMC NetWorker backup solutions. You can practice online Dell EMC NetWorker Specialist DES-3128 Real Dumps to ensure your final success.

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1. A customer checks the rap log on a NetWorker server to audit recent resource changes, but the file is empty.

What is the cause of the issue?

2. A NetWorker server has a media library attached. A backup administrator has started a workflow and noticed that the Waiting for 1 writable volume(s) to pool alert appeared. There are some unlabeled media in the library, but NetWorker doesn't label them automatically.

What is the cause of this behavior?

3. What is a part of a full backup in a Windows BMR recovery operation?

4. Which deduplication solution is supported within a NetWorker environment?

5. A backup administrator wants to configure PSS for a client to have this configuration:

3 PSS for save set '/data1'

5 PSS for save set '/data2'

How can this be achieved?

6. Which NetWorker module must be installed on a NetWorker client running an SAP R/3 on Oracle to ensure it is backed up properly without a need to shut down the application?

7. A customer needs to perform a Virtual Machine Recovery from a save set located on a Dell EMC Cloud Tier.

Which additional device type must be available to perform this recovery?

8. What is true of a BMR when using NetWorker?

9. A backup administrator has configured Dell EMC Cloud Tier and the NetWorker data movement policy for long-term retention. The save sets are not moved to the Cloud even though cloning ran successfully

What is the reason for this issue?

10. How should a backup administrator install a virtual CloudBoost appliance on a VMware ESXi host?


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