Try Free DEA-5TT1 Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Try Free DEA-5TT1 Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Are you looking for DEA-5TT1 Practice Exam Questions and Answers? FreeTestShare is here to assist you! You can get DEA-5TT1 practice exam which gives you in-depth knowledge of the DEA-5TT1 exam syllabus. These DEA-5TT1 exam dumps with precise questions and answers are initial checked by experts and then incorporated into the DEA-5TT1 Associate – Networking Exam. Come here to choose the great DEA-5TT1 practice exam to do your valid preparation of DEA-5TT1 exam.

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1. Which route type is added to the routing table by a routing protocol?

2. Which flags are used in the TCP header to initiate and end TCP connections or sessions?

3. What accurately describes the Network Time Protocol (NTP)?

4. What accurately describes IPv6 addressing?

5. Which Dell EMC Networking M-Series 10 GbE switch model supports a VLT?

6. Which IP address is in the Class B range?

7. On which Dell EMC Networking switches can Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) be configured?

8. Which Layer 1 device can be used to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment?

9. Which port type does a Dell EMC Networking N-Series switch have for its console connection?

10. What are the Protocol Data Units (PDUs) called at the Transport layer?


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