Free 2021 DELL EMC DES-DD23 Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Free 2021 DELL EMC DES-DD23 Practice Exam Questions and Answers

DES-DD23 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer,PowerProtect DD (DCS-IE) Certification. DES-DD23 exam assesses the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage PowerProtect DD systems. This DES-DD23 Practice Exam Questions and Answers are designed to provide you with information on the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD Exam. These sample questions will help you get familiar with the kind of questions that will appear on the DES-DD23 test, as well as the difficulty level of those questions. FreeTestShare will be your best choice if you want to obtain more DELL EMC DES-DD23 questions with verified answers for the actual exam.

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1. An administrator monitors the performance statistics of a PowerProtect DD appliance. Low disk-write rates are shown, and the network inbound traffic is high.

What is the most likely cause of this behavior?

2. Backup administrators have noticed slow backups on the AIX environment.

To fix the issue, what should the set large_send be for each NIC, and what should the NFS option be set to?

3. An administrator is scaling Cloud Tier for a DD9400 by adding a second cloud unit .

What is the required amount of metadata storage (TB)?

4. A backup administrator is tasked with verifying the compression savings of a PowerProtect DD9900 .

Which compression algorithm will they see enabled by default?

5. A backup administrator is tasked with monitoring PowerProtect DD capacity metrics. The administrator is backing up 2 TB of data daily with a reduction rate at 5x. After data reduction, subsequent full backups compress down to 100 GB.

The initial backup requires 400 GB with a 10 percent increase in the data each day. Each incremental backup is 200 GB. After data reduction, each incremental backup is 20 GB.

What is the weekly burn rate (GB) after six daily incremental backups and one weekly backup?

6. An administrator is migrating their old cloud tier-enabled Data Domain to a new PowerProtect DD appliance with cloud tier. During migration, the administrator recognizes that file system cleaning on the source system is not possible.

What is the most likely cause of this behavior?

7. An organization uses tape libraries in their current backup infrastructure. They have purchased a PowerProtect DD system and plan to use VTL to move from physical tape.

What is a consideration when configuring the tape size?

8. Which are supported compression algorithms in DDOS?

9. What are some key benefits of performing backups and recoveries with a PowerProtect DD appliance?

10. What can be used to monitor system utilization?


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