Updated Professional Scrum Master I PSM I Training Dumps

Updated Professional Scrum Master I PSM I Training Dumps

Professional Scrum Master I PSM I training dumps are newly updated to help for test preparation. Get ready to take your Scrum Master skills to the next level with our newly updated Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) exam dumps. This updated exam is designed to help you prepare for the PSM I certification test and enhance your knowledge of Scrum principles and practices. With a comprehensive coverage of Scrum framework, you’ll be equipped with the confidence to ace the test and become a certified Scrum Master. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career and join the Scrum community. Start your PSM I journey today with our updated practice exam!”

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1. When should a Sprint Goal be created?

2. What enhances the transparency of an increment?

3. Who is responsible for managing the progress of work during a Sprint?

4. Marian is the Product Owner envisioning a project for a new release of her product. She made a projection of a release date based upon a sustained velocity of 17 completed units of work per Sprint. Over the first 3 Sprints, the average velocity was 13 for work that the Development Team estimated as 90% done. The Development Teams, feeling the need to meet the plan, figured that a velocity of 17 was within their reach.

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5. The time-box for a Daily Scrum?

6. What is the best suited structure for Development Teams in order to produce integrated Increments?

7. The Product Owner determines how many Product Backlog items the Development Team selects for a Sprint.

8. A new developer is having continuing conflicts with existing Development Team members and creating the hostile environment.

If necessary, who is responsible for removing the team member?

9. The Product Owner must release each Increment to production.

10. Choose two responsibilities of a self-organizing Development Team. (Choose two.)


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