Download VCP-DW 2022 2V0-62.21 Practice Exam For Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X

Download VCP-DW 2022 2V0-62.21 Practice Exam For Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X

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1. Which is true about Workspace ONE compatibility when deploying content across different device types?

2. A customer has a Workspace ONE SAAS environment. None of the administrators are able to log in to the console using their Active Directory (AD) credentials. They are able to log in using a basic administrator account provided to them when they deployed Workspace ONE.

What could be cause for this issue?

3. An organization has purchased a SaaS Workspace ONE solution and wants to implement these:

✑ integration with back-end resources like Active Directory from Microsoft to sync users and groups

✑ Kerberos authentication

✑ integration with Virtual Desktops and Applications from services (Horizon 7, Horizon Cloud, or Citrix)

✑ third party integration with RSA SecureID, RADIUS for authentication

Which Workspace ONE component is required?

4. A company using Mobile SSO would like to avoid deploying an additional connector for Workspace ONE. They currently do not have a use case for Virtual Apps or advanced authentication such as kerberos, RDA SecureID or Radius.

Which configuration can be used to sync users and groups with a single connector of Workspace ONE?

5. An administrator would like to track these details for all Windows desktops managed by Workspace ONE UEM:

✑ driver details for a mouse driver ✑ warranty information for OS

✑ registry value of internal apps

Which Workspace ONE UEM utility can the administrator use?

6. An administrator is preparing to setup email management for Office 365 in UEM.

Which is VMware’s recommended email deployment model for this scenario?

7. Which three are features in the branding section of the Workspace ONE Access console? (Choose three.)

8. What component of the Hub Services can be integrated with Physical Access Control Systems to allow the Workspace ONE Intelligent app on mobile devices to act as digital badge?

9. An administrator is concerned about help desk employees having the Console Administrator role. The help desk employees only need to access the device list view page and perform minor troubleshooting steps.

Which console security feature can eliminate the administrators concern?

10. A company has BYOD iOS devices and would like to give them access to internal sites in VMware Web without requiring full device management.

Which VMware best practice configuration is needed to enable this?


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