Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Certification NS0-176 Dumps Questions

Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Certification NS0-176 Dumps Questions

NS0-176 Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Implementation and Administration exam is one of the required exams for Cisco and NetApp FlexPod certification. Another exam is NS0-175 Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist. If you’re studying for the NS0-176 exam and want to speed things up, you’ve come to the correct place. FreeTestShare NS0-176 Dumps Questions, including exam questions and answers, was created by our professional IT lecturers and contained the most recent NS0-176 exam questions. it is recommended that you review the NS0-176 Dumps Questions to get a sense of the questions that will be asked and pass your NetApp NS0-176 exam successfully.

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1. Which endpoint's firmware can be directly upgraded (without the use of a Service Profile) using UCS Manager?

2. When creating a virtual machine in VMware vSphere 5.x, which type of virtual disk should be provisioned if you would like to fully pre-allocate storage with the highest chance of being contiguous?

3. To install your VEM, what is the extension of the VEM file name you’ll be looking for to complete this install?

4. Exhibit:

Referring to the exhibit, which two diagrams show the correct way to cable a new NetApp clustered Data ONTAP cluster with two nodes? (Choose two.)

5. Click the Exhibit button.

On your NetApp storage system, you create a volume named datastore1, mount it to a junction path, and then set the correct export policy. When you attempt to mount the volume from VMware ESXi as a datastore, the server is unable to mount the path /datastore1. You verify that your existing NFS datastore (/datastore0) on the same NetApp storage system SVMis functioning normally.

Referring to the exhibit, what is preventing the server from mounting the new datastore?

6. An administrator is configuring a Flexpod Datacenter solution. The UCS service profiles will use FCoE connectivity to the NetApp cluster.

Which pool is needed to configure the vHBA templates?

7. Which service may be used to manage users and groups in a vSphere environment?

8. An administrator has a FlexPod solution with VMware vSphere. The administrator is migrating all network traffic from standard switches to vSphere distributed switches.

Virtual machines (VMs) are currently using VM port groups called VLAN_500 and VLAN_501 on standard virtual switch vSwitch3. A new distributed switch called dvSwitch_VM is created and new distributed port groups are configured for each VM traffic VLAN. VMs are configured to use the new port groups.

After the change, VMs on VLAN 501 report a loss of network connectivity; however, VMs on VLAN 500 are not showing any connectivity issues. The symptoms are experienced for VMs on all ESXi hosts.

Which action must the administrator perform to solve the problem?

9. Which two features allow multiple fabric logins through a single port? (Choose two.)

10. Exhibit:

An iSCSI SAN boot is not working for a new Cisoc UCS service profile. The new vNIC template was created using the settings shown in the exhibit.

What should you do to make iSCSI SAN boot work?


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