The Most Update NetApp NCDA ONTAP NS0-162 Dumps

The Most Update NetApp NCDA ONTAP NS0-162 Dumps

You must pass the NetApp NS0-162 exam if you want to obtain NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP certification. FreeTestShare provides the most update NetApp NCDA ONTAP NS0-162 Dumps with real exam questions and answers to assist you to understand the exam topics and format. The most recent NetApp NCDA ONTAP NS0-162 Dumps are based on the exam objectives and are intended to assist you in passing the NCDA Certification exam. To ensure that all test questions are true and valid, they have been corrected and updated. In the NetApp NS0-162 practice exam, you can also practice the actual exam questions online.

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1. You want to enable the Internal ONTAP engine that quickly Identifies the file and directory differences between two Snapshot copies.

In this scenario, which feature would accomplish this task?

2. You are asked by your network engineering team to make sure that your NetApp cluster Is configured to run LACP on Its network ports.

Which network component satisfies this request?

3. On which two types of ports would data LIFs be hosted? (Choose two.)

4. After creating an SVM In an ONTAP cluster, you are asked to delegate administration of the newly created SVM to an SVM administrator.

In this scenario, which two tasks must you complete? (Choose two.)

5. A storage administrator currently has an 8-node FAS8200 cluster with CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI licenses installed. In this scenario, how many additional nodes are supported?

6. You change a volume's space guarantee from volume to none.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?

7. When you perform an upgrade using ONTAP System Manager 9.8, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

8. Exhibit:

Referring to the exhibit, what are two reasons why no initiators are displayed in the initiators' igroup screen? (Choose two.)

9. Exhibit:

You configured LACP between a 2-node AFF 220 system and two Ethernet switches using multichassis Ether-channel for redundancy. You sent the network connection diagram in the exhibit to your network team to cable and configure the switch. You noticed partial connectivity on the AFF A220 for the interface groups.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

10. When performing a manual MetroCluster switchover, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


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