Free Network Appliance NS0-593 Practice Exam Questions

Free Network Appliance NS0-593 Practice Exam Questions

You should pass the NetApp Certified Support Engineer – ONTAP Specialist (NS0-593) exam to obtain the NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NCSE) certification. The NS0-593 exam includes 60 test questions, with an allotted time of 2 hours to complete. FreeTestShare collected the latest Network Appliance NS0-593 Practice Exam Questions to help you get familiar with the real exam questions so that you can feel easy to sit for your NetApp NS0-593 exam. After studying our NS0-593 Practice Exam Questions, you will pass your NetApp Certified Support Engineer – ONTAP Specialist exam easily.

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1. Your customer Informs you about SnapMlrror problems after upgrading NetApp ONTAP software to a newer version. After investigating the event logs and the SnapMirror history, you see information about delayed updates of the SnapMirror relationships.

How would your customer prevent such problems in the future?

2. After a normal power down of both nodes for building maintenance, Node01 of a 2-node cluster cannot be powered back up; however, all disk shelves are powered.

Which action should be performed to bring the cluster online and allow Node02 to serve data?

3. 1.After expanding a two-node AFF A300 cluster with two AFF A700 nodes, you observe latencies when data is accessed indirectly. The system node run -node -command netstat command shows retransmits and packet drops on the LIFs. The AFF A700 nodes with 40 Gbps and the AFF A300 connect with 10 Gbps to the cluster interconnect. You are using Cisco Nexus 3132Q cluster interconnect switches. You just updated to ONTAP 9.8 software.

In this scenario, what is causing this problem?

4. You created a new NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup volume spanning six nodes and 12 aggregates with a total size of 4 TB. You added millions of files to the FlexGroup volume with a flat directory structure totaling 2 TB, and you receive anout of apace error message on your host.

What would cause this error?

5. You are troubleshooting a CIFS connection issue that is reported by some users. You decide to collect a packet trace.

In this scenario, after you generate the packet trace, where do you find the trace file?

6. Your customer is running a NetApp AFF A800 system with NetAppONTAP 9.8 software and states that their NS224 shelf is not showing with the correct shelf ID. You analyze the data and the shelf shows an identification of “1.SHFHUXXXXXXXXXX."

What is the cause of the reported Issue?

7. You have a customer complaining of long build times from their NetApp ONTAP-based datastores. They provided you packet traces from the controller and client. Analysis of these traces shows an average service response time of 1 ms. QoS outputconfirms the same. The client traces are reporting an average of 15 ms in the same time period.

In this situation, what would be your next step?

8. A customer's storage administrator Informs you about the deactivated Automatic Switchover (AUSO) feature on their MetroCluster IP environment.

What Information would you tell your customer in this scenario?

9. You are trying to deploy a Connector in the AWScloud from NetApp Cloud Manager. The deployment fails and shows the message 'Insufficient permissions to deploy Cloud Connector". You have verified the AWS access key and the AWS secret key.

In this scenario, what Is the reason that the deployment failed?

10. You receive the "Unable to connect to the management gateway server"error when trying to connect to a node management IP.

In this situation, how do you determine whether core dumps are generated for the mgwd user space process?


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